I went with my sister to Granville Island, today, and bought three shinies for my hoard. The one on the far left is labradorite, which is one of my favourite stones. When it’s all polished up, and faceted, it looks like an insect’s wing, all veined with colour.

As a bread themed birthday present, my sister baked me a loaf of bread, and gave me a gift card to Terra Breads. She is a fine, fine woman. I’ve already eaten almost half the loaf – the first wodge as a salmon-salad-with-olives-and-tomato sandwich, and the second wodge drenched in finest mountain honey.

Later on, I walked up Main Street to the staitionary store, and bought a plain grey set of envelopes and paper, out of a yearning to write letters, nevermind that I don’t have anywhere to send them, or anyone to send them to. Nevermind that I don’t think I could write anything without a delete key, now, anyway.

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