Shiny Hunting

Two new shiny things for my hoard. I already can’t remember what type the bottom one is, but the top one is fire quartz. It’s hard to see here, but it has mysterious, translucent layers of orange and blue.
I’d like to learn how to polish and facet stones, at some point. Also, how to pick locks. Where the hell do you find teachers for that stuff? I need a school run by goblins.

The weather is absurdly nice. I would sacrifice a thousand kittens to be at the cabin right now.

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One response to “Shiny Hunting

  1. For lockpicking, it’s not so much goblins you need as it is coders. There is a lot of overlap between coders and hobby-lockpickers. (Of course, there is also a lot of overlap between coders and wannabe-Scotsmen. (Kilts, of course, are a fiction created in 1822 by Sir Walter Scott, so it might be more correct to say that many coders are wannabe Scottsmen. (My friend Mark, a coder, fell down a flight of stairs while playing the pipes for a church production of Brigadoon and had to be taken to the hospital.)))

    I’ll totally send you a set of lockpicking tools if you’d like. I would also be happy to bake the lock picks into a dozen cranberry muffins and ship them to you in a bakery box, if that would help get them past the warden.

    Gemcutting, though, you need a goblin.

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