Favourite Objects I: Moccies (Maw-keez)

God, I love my moccasins. You can see, in fact, that my love has warped their shape horribly, and stained them a mysterious inky brown. They’re deerskin, and Claire gave them to me, oh man, nearly a decade ago? I think that’s right. Her family has some kind of rock-solid line on where the best moccasins are available.

See the flayed-flesh leather bottoms? None of this rubber soles twaddle, robbing you of the shivery delight of commissioning a cobbler at absurd cost to fix them.

While we’re here, check out at this beautiful walnut bun, which I’ve got on hand for tonight’s dinner. A little bit less appetizing, maybe, in direct comparison with the similarly textured filthy bottoms of my slippers? Hell, no!

Also, I think my goblin would wear these moccies. My new theory about this goblin, in fact, is that she’s my Dark World self. You know, the Dark World in Zelda: A Link to the Past, where your appearance reflects the contents of your heart or what have you, and Link is a pink bunny. That would be me, with my fat goblin larder, there’s simply no question.


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5 responses to “Favourite Objects I: Moccies (Maw-keez)

  1. I only own cheap moccasins and therefore, ruin them constantly. I got a pair for $3.50 last week, in a child’s size since I have tiny, itty feet. I can’t wait to wear them.

    Yours seem sooo nice!

    • Marian

      Cheap is good. I wish I had a talent for buying nice things cheaply. I feel like this would make my life a lot more easy going, and me less of a crazy hypocrite.

      Also, I bet moccasins are particularly hard to get if you have tiny feet, because they stretch out, like, a whole size, once you start wearing them (or the unlined ones do, at any rate).

      • My last pair of moccasins became the largest thing on me ever and I had to stop wearing them. They went from too tight to way too large very quickly. I put them on today with this sort of post-apoc cyberpunk gypsy dress and too many belts. It felt good.

        I am an obsesser of sales. Sales can justify the purchase of anything!

        • OblicityFaker on December 6, 2009 mine too! there was one on tv like 20 mtnuies ago i was watching mythbusters and when it came on i nearly shit my pants!

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