Cozy Pie

I made a crumble last night, but was too full to eat it, so I wrapped it up instead, nice and snug, and trudged on home. Crumble is pie, by the way. As the foremost pie expert of the universe, I’m telling you, it is.

This morning, it looked like something Martha Stewart might concoct, maybe. If she was a hobbit. Man, wouldn’t life be awesome if Martha Stewart was a hobbit? Wouldn’t it improve her likeability enormously? I would buy ALL HER SHIT.

Anyway, best breakfast ever.


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7 responses to “Cozy Pie

    • Marian

      I usually kind of wing it, but something like this:

      Three small or smallish ceramic pudding bowls, buttered (or one big casserole dish, or many tiny remekins, or whatever you like. I just did the three bowls so everyone could have their own to take home)

      Oven 375 F

      Crumble Top:
      -Like, a cup and a half of flour? At least half of it wants to be no-nutritive-value white flour, I feel. I used some oat flour, in mine, because I had some around, and I thought extra oatiness might be a good thing.
      -About half as much fridge-cold butter as flour. So like, three quarters of a cup (a stick and a bit).
      -A big Handful of oats
      -A handful of dark brown sugar (or more, or less)

      -Two tart apples peeled and cored and sliced very thinly.
      -Two packs of frozen berries (in this case I used bumbleberries and “Marion Blackberries”, though I have no idea how that’s different from a regular blackberry, I just wanted them because they had almost my name).
      -As much or as little (white or golden cane) sugar as you want. A few tablespoons per basin, or double (or even triple) that if you like it really sweet.
      -A fat pinch of flour in each dish to absorb the juices
      -A pinch of spice, as you desire, per dish

      Cut cold butter into flour (or sift it together with your fingers) until it’s a nice crumbly texture, then mix in oats and sugar. Stick the mixing bowl in the freezer, while you prepare the bottoms.
      Divide the apples and berries amongst the buttered bowls, and distribute the sugar, flour, etc, then turn it all over a few times so things are incorporated. Then top all the bowls off with the crumble mixture, and put them in the oven (maybe on a tray, in case juices bubble over and spill). After fifteen minutes, take the temperature down to 350. Then wait another half an hour or longer for it to be done (though check sooner, in case the tops are getting brown too fast – in which case lay pieces of foil over the bowls). Let them sit for 20 or 30 minutes, once out of the oven.

      That was way too fun. I feel like writing down recipies is the control freak/passive aggressive person’s perfect outlet. Bossy but subtle.

  1. This is severely off topic, but! I was talking to Brandon at ECCC this weekend and he mentioned you’re an avid gamer, and maybe something about text adventures (do you like interactive fiction?). I’ve been trying to hunt down your email address so I could ask you but I can’t find it anywhere.

    Mostly I just wanted to ask if you’ve played the Shin Megami Tensei series already (especially Nocturne or Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha), partly because of the gameplay and partly because of Kazuma Kaneko’s amazing character designs. (If you like fashion you’d get a kick out of those, though Kaneko’s Persona 2 designs are probably the best. Just a little bit McQueen, a little bit Chalayan.)

    Also, if you have any interest in interactive fiction/text adventures, email me for sure! I am always trying to convert people and send people recommendations, and the amateur community that’s sprung up around IF has made really interesting innovations in storytelling and gameplay.

    Ok well!

    • Marian

      I haven’t played too many of the Shin Megami Tensei games, but I did play through Persona when it came out. I was in highschool, and I remember carrying the manual with the character designs in it around with me, because they were so good.

      It’s funny you mentioned that, because I’m planning to make my next post about Final Fantasy Tactics, relating the designs in that to fashion (well, sort of. Clothing, anyway). Maybe I’ll start that tonight.

      I don’t think I know what fiction/text adventures are, but they sound interesting. Like the old, old computer games that had barely any graphics, and just described the situation to you? “You have discovered a wizard’s lair, what will you do next”, sort of thing? But yeah, send me a website, I’d like to see.

      Hey, Brandon says you’re planning on starting your fashion/drawing blog soon. I am SO EXCITED about this. I can’t wait.

  2. This looks like it is made of yum. I really love your blog. It’s like a little outpost I want to hang around and pick flowers at.

    • Marian

      I like this outpost analogy! I’d want it to be an outpost in the middle of the wilds where you could stock up on pastries and survival necessities (ie. pastries), and clothing, and treasures, etc.

      • I am particularly down with pastries.

        I always consider my site to me my house at the end of the world, so, I like to imagine what other people’s sites would be, if they were homes.

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