Sunday Muffin

Man, if I had my way, this site would be nothing but muffins. And actually, the only thing stopping me is that I eat the exact same muffin nearly every day. I’ve already talked about this muffin, and how it’s – get thee from me satan – vegan and sugar-free. I can’t even write “sugar-free” without a shudder. But it’s SO GOOD, so I’m posting about it again.

This muffin knows what it’s about. It doesn’t waste any time wishing it were a cupcake. It’s not trying to be beautiful. It doesn’t care about consistency. It’s just really, really tasty.


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6 responses to “Sunday Muffin

  1. Marcel O'Leary

    Whoa now, I need more information- do you have a recipe? What does it taste of? I’m guessing those’re blueberries?

    As someone that binges on sugar a bit *too* often, the thought of something like that is… amazing. And muffin adventures have been a bit sparse in my house lately.

    • Marian

      Oh, I buy them from Our Town, which is a cafe in my neighborhood. But you know what, with a little trial and error I could probably re-create them. Hmm. Maybe I’ll get back to you on that.

      I know, I’m normally a big sugar-eater too. They have tons of blueberries and raspberries and bananas in them, which constitute much of the taste. Oh, and oats as well. Very satisfying.

      • Marcel O'Leary

        Yup, for a lumpy blob of food, it looks pretty damn enticing.

        One of the best cakes I’ve ever had was also one of the healthiest- a gluten free lemon and blueberry polenta cake. It’s ultra light and fluffy- an amazing texture- and yet so ridiculously moist that it actually quenched my thirst. It was unbelievable. It’s pretty simple to make, too!

        I’m not even hungry and this cake talk is getting to me…

  2. That muffin don’t need no sugar. It is making my breakfast of chicken soup jealous

  3. Sister

    I have scoured the blocks around my office and house and still find that Capers has the best bang for my muffin buck. I start most week days with muffins. I wish I could post pictures in the comments section so we all could share our morning muffin experiences.

    So sister, I tried a new brownie recipe this weekend. Much easier, less dense, still mostly butter and sugar. I think you need to try it.

    Also, the guy who sits behind me in my office always puts the blinds down to block out the sun. IT BREAKS MY HEART. Unrelated to this post, I know, but he did it while I was writing and I felt the need to share.

    • Marian

      See, you can though (that’s even a Caper’s muffin).

      Ok, here’s how. First of all, load up your muffin onto a free hosting site, like
      Then you find the address of the image, and paste it into this, between the quotation marks:

      [img src=” ” width=400]

      Then replace the square brackets [ with the pointy guys <.
      The width = 400 part just makes it small enough for the comments box.


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