Shinobi Frog

I may hate sharing my muffins, but I make up for it (so I tell myself – if ignorance is bliss, then self-deceit must be, like, some kind of super-nirvana) by really liking to give presents. Today was my friend’s son’s 3rd birthday party, so I made him a ninja frog. Clearly it was created more with my own enjoyment in view than his, so maybe I should nix that whole making-up-for-my-greediness part. Oh well. Happy Birthday Judaaaah! Banzaiiii!


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6 responses to “Shinobi Frog

  1. Sister

    Sister you have outdone yourself again. I am exceedingly jealous.

    Also note, Cake vs Pie march madness. I think we need to get out and vote like mad for Pie.

  2. kinqdom

    that looks hella sweet lol i see it as spreading your greed to younger generation so they are motivated to catch up to you

  3. awww he’s so stealthy and charming

  4. Kimiko

    Damnit Janet! I threw away the little green thing in a frenzied premove cleaning extravaganza. I couldn’t remember where it was from. Judah loves him. He makes him battle Ninja Hamu every night.

    As an aside, when we drive over bridges, he cries out, “BANZAIIII!!!”

    • Marian

      I figured that green thing was destined to get lost, anyhow. But Victory! I was so much hoping that he’d go straight for the frog vs. hamu match-up.

      I still do the BANZAIIII whenever I’m making a risky traffic decision. And now that I don’t have a car, and am getting all rusty, it’s pretty much every time I make a left-hand turn.

  5. this is so cool, love this lil guy.

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