Badger House

I’ve been working in an “office” this week, so I’ve been too busy to draw all the various space snipers and whatnot that I’ve been meaning to put up here. It’s strange, going to work. Don’t they know that I’m a woman of leisure? Anyway, in the meantime, here are some scans of cozy houses from an old, French comic adaptation of The Wind In the Willows that Brandon found for me. Look at the hanging meats! Hardcore Marian porn.


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10 responses to “Badger House

  1. Sister

    Oh my, the crusty bread on the table. I WANT MY HOME TO LOOK LIKE THAT KITCHEN WHEN I GROW UP.

    And the jams and the pickled things…. wimper wimper

  2. lewoodman

    Oh it’s not that old, I remember when it was first published it was in…

    … 1996 ?…

    Oh my gods, that is old, isn’t it ?

    I’m… I’m old ?

  3. nout

    still, marian & lewoodman, only relatively old: French comics take a lot longer to publish. It must’ve been at least 4 or 5 years for the 4 “le vent dans les Saules” books to get published. Its sequel-series “Le vent dans les Sables” has to reach its fourth concluding book this year (i believe) with even more on the horizon.

    My (then girlfriend) wife loves this adaptation. All the animals look so cute yet life-like in their slightly anthropmorphic representations. That Michel Plessix really knows how to put down some lines!

    • Marian

      That lengthy production time really shows, in the backgrounds and so on, doesn’t it. I wish American comics worked more like that (or at least had that as an option).

  4. Sean

    There’s a sequel as well, by the same team, “The Wind In The Desert” where they go to a desert. Same team, pretty sure it was never published in english though…

    • nout

      That sequel (which I mentioned in my previous comment) isn’t even yet fully finished in France either, so I suppose they’ll hold out on the English edition till then.
      Also, there’s no team, it’s all Michel Plessix’s labour of love.

  5. Awesome! This reminds me of the interior spaces in some RPGs, the best parts of those games.

    • Marian

      Yeah, exactly, me too. That’s my favourite part of comics and videogames both, actually – that world-building stuff.

  6. Just, just so adorable

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