Hermit Week

Life is Hard, the workload is bottomless, and it is officially Hermit Week (logo by Brandon, who is not a participant).


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4 responses to “Hermit Week

  1. kimikimikimi


    When you need a break, I recommend you pop out to Whole Foods and pick up a can of Rishi Chai. It is the best chai I’ve had since India.

    When it’s over, I recommend you come out for sushiiis with me.

    • Marian


      I want sushiiiiiiiis. Have you made your move to North Van yet?

      I’ll pick go pick up some of this magical chai today.

  2. kimikimikimi

    I did move. We are here.

    When making the chai, I recommend the stove top method with lots of milk and, IF YOU DARE, a small butter lump at the end. hehehe.

  3. Sister

    You need to show the good people your apple walnut cake. I was dumb enough to offer some to a office mate, and he ate HALF. I was so distraught (sp?) that I had to eat the rest to protect it.


    also the rice puding was delicious.

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