I have a list of wants for you (and for which I hold the world, at large, answerable), but first here is a comic that Brandon drew about me (and my wants). Because of course I’m an onion that he pulled out of the ground. Didn’t you know?


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12 responses to “Onion

  1. Klovharu

    Noooo sexy onion!

    I wonder how I met Marian?

    • Marian

      It would be like, “ahem, oh hello, I’m the deadhead of the school.” And then, “take me to your house. Show me Zelda. Lend me money for bagels.”

  2. kimikimikimi

    Startlingly accurate?

  3. Oh, hey, I was reading Brandon’s blog and he said you’re playing Final Fantasy 14, yeah?
    If so, mind if I ask what server you’re on?

    • Marian

      Yeah, no problem – I’m on Trabia. Are you playing it too?

      • Ah. Yeah, I’m playing as well, but I’m on Rabanastre.

        Did you play XI Online at all, or was XIV the one to captivate you?

        Either way, I am thoroughly impressed with the art direction and the more “western”-style , high-fantasy setting.

  4. neighbour boy

    somehow, I’m getting more of a bunny vibe; why you are planted in the ground is, of course, a mystery.

  5. girls… I got my wife the same way. Except she’s a sweet potato.

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