Two Whole Pies

This week I have magically gained access to TWO WHOLE PIES.

There will be no sharing.

The first I’d already nearly eaten before I could be bothered to fish out my camera. The second pie, though, I managed to record in its buttery virgin glory. Which is a lucky thing, because it’s halfway devoured as I type this.

These pies, by the way, are from Aphrodite Cafe here in Vancouver. They aren’t as good as if my sister made them (SISTER, I WANT PIE!), but they’re pretty motherfucking good.


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11 responses to “Two Whole Pies

  1. Kirk

    Dammit…now I want pie!

    What kind of pies did you get? The top one looks like pumpkin/sweet potato, and I’m not too sure about the other one.

    • Marian

      Top is pumpkin (I’ve never seen a sweet potato pie in Vancouver), and bottom is Raspberry Rhubarb (thus the “RR” carved into the top [which makes me think Rescue Rangers]).

  2. Jealousy. Those pies are adorable. I also want to eat them up.

    >pie sigh<

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I never realized you also lived in Vancouver! I’ve never heard of Aphrodite Cafe before but now I’m curious to check it out – which pie do you recommend trying first?

    • Marian

      That’s the first time I’d been there too, actually. Both pies were great (but not cheap).
      If you’re in Vancouver, though, I have to urge you to try Baguette and Co. (around Broadway and Blenheim). That’s my favourite place right now for all things pastry, etc.

    • Sorry it took me while to get a photo up but you can see a photo now. I’m going to pick up my roibbns today and will post a big smile photo of me with them soon!

  4. kim

    if i was a thief i’d steal a pie cooling on a window sill!

    but i’d have to be a fairy thief and leave a gift in return!

    • Marian

      I like the stealing part. All I’d leave would be an IOU note, and not even a sincere one. Or maybe IOU -1 pie.

  5. It’s becoming incredibly cold, and all i want is some tea and fresh baked goods. Pie sounds pretty amazing right now.

    Baked foods are my favorite. Warm and comfortable. I want german apple cake actually… hmm…

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