Want List

This might be the most practical want list ever made (by me), but my current wants just happen to mainly consist of things that I need. Albeit, very nice versions of those things.

1. This is a plain, semi-fitted wool crew-neck sweater. Which, if there was any sweet justice in the world, would be the easiest thing to find. But rather it’s nearly impossible to come across one that doesn’t have some glaring fatal flaw (Marian-wise, of course – my fatal flaws might well be different from yours).
I want one in that shade of navy which is so dark that it appears black, until the light catches its impossible undertones of rich blue. But I’d take it in normal black or navy instead, because I’m reasonable like that. If I was the Queen of Sheba and Had a Million Dollars, I’d order this John Smedley one, and see if that did the trick.

2. On lady-pants days, my official jean of choice is the Acne Hex. I could wish them just a centimeter wider in the leg opening, but the rise is perfect, and all-in-all I find them to be pretty ideal for my lady-pants purposes. My current set are getting all frayed and grey, which realistically speaking means that I wait for my birthday and hope that I can somehow get away with finding a new pair.
But what I WANT is for Acne Jeans, nice people that they are, to make a pair in, once again, that shade of dark over-dyed navy (as opposed to normal raw denim navy, I mean). And then, I don’t know what – gift them to me? Well, this is a want list.

3. Ok guys, so there’s this newish chocolate place in Vancouver called Beta 5, and first of all let me say that they make really amazing marmalades. But also, guysguysguys, they have this thing where you sign up to have special packages with a selection of their current stock delivered to you every month (or you can pick them up, which would make more sense in my case). And I want it SO MUCH! Can you even imagine? How happy would you be? Though I would probably be even happier with a 24-piece box of their chocolates, since that’s what I’m really after, caramels and whatnot being less my thing despite the immense appeal of the beautiful package.

4. Shoes are really more of a need than a want, at this point. Have a look at my current two pairs:

I mean, yes, I’ve had worse. But both of these have been cobbled back together from the edge of destruction multiple times already, so I think this is where a reasonable person would just buy themselves some god damn new shoes.
IIWTQOSAHAMD, I would be getting these Marc McNairy Cap Toe Derby Boots for my rainy-weather high-tops, and oh, probably another pair of Zehas for my low. I could also use a replacement pair of chucks, for kicking around in the ocean and stuff during the summer, because my current set has that cartoon curled-up toe thing going on.
I’m actually relatively indifferent about shoes, at least as far as owning more than two or three pairs of them. But it’s nice when those three pairs aren’t splitting at the seams, yes?

5. I know I’ve already mentioned the FWK Engineered Garments Shoulder Hoodie. But you can expect it to be on every want list of mine forever, because I think it’s the raddest and most made-for-Marian thing I’ve ever seen. Want want want want.

6. Once again, we’re in more need territory here. Bras are pricey, and the sad selection I get in my size are 90% the push-up variety. Approximately the last thing I want in the entire universe is a push-up bra , and that includes stuff like the destruction of all life, and the world-wide replacement of butter with margarine, and so forth. So can I not just have some nice, sharp bras, without any lace or padding or “customised lift” or whatever? And let’s have some grey ones, too, please. And navy! Navy blue everything!

7. I wish-washed a bit about what to put in space #7 here, but I decided that, boring as it may sound, a new set of bedding would be just the thing. I don’t balk at the dull wants. No! I put that shit right up on the internet for you to read about!
You don’t really appreciate it until your sheets start to get a bit old, and you find yourself (ineptly) sewing up little holes and tears, but having new sheets is like sleeping in a bed made by carebears. And of course I want them in that slightly rough-spun cotton, greyish or undyed.

How reasonable is all that? I may have to temper this later with an impossible want list, just so I don’t lose my touch.


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16 responses to “Want List

  1. Leia

    I’m curious to ask what bras you have found that come close to this ideal bra you keep mentioning. It sounds perfect, and . . . well, ideal!

    • Marian

      Definitely nothing that’s come close, I’m afraid! I generally get “Chantelle” (when on sale) because they fit me, and are one of the few widely available brands that carry my size in some styles, and they last a long time. But they definitely aren’t that awesome in terms of how they look, or anything.

  2. Those jeans. Wow. I would own a pair of them in every color, if they offered them, and if they weren’t $230.

    Whenever I come across an item like this, I add it to a folder of images titled “find time to perfect your sewing skills”.

    • Marian

      I know, they are definitely $$$$. I would judge them to be the most long-lasting of all the stupid-expensive jeans out there, however.

      I bet jeans are really hard to sew.

  3. Angela

    Once I quite miraculously found a plain grey cotton bra with absolutely no misplaced lace, frills or other godawful gewgaws…..from, of all places VICTORIAS SECRET…. I’m sure it will never happen again though, and I practically live in the threadbare thing. And I
    agree, why so few navy blue bras? Its a legit color!

    Heh sorry I realize of your whole post I only commented about the bra, but its such a touchy subject for me!

    • Marian

      It’s such a touchy subject, when you can’t find what you want (or need)! I totally hear you.

      I would kill for a plain grey bra, seriously. Victoria’s Secret is the last place I’d ever think to look.

  4. Leia


    Check out VPL for bras, they kind of look like what you’re aiming for.

  5. Guh, the prices for these goods are seizure inducing! The old timey shoes are amazing though, I love the feeling of authenticity that you can get with antiquated designs generally involving leather.

    I’ve been on a serious early century kick buying old dress patterns off etsy and world war 2 leather belt pouches that have a nice weathered look to put lots of secret things into.

    • Marian

      The old dress patterns must be awesome. Sometimes I like to imagine that there’s an alternate reality Marian who learned how to sew, and as a result has way fewer pressing fashion wants.

  6. John Christ

    I didn’t know you drew for Northlanders (if you informed us of this it is clear that alcohol consumption is effecting my memory), I just picked up the most recent volume of it when I recognized your artwork. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Marian

      It’s not you or your fine beers – I’m just lazy about posting my comic news, when I have it.

  7. american apparel had some sheets that i really wanted a few years back. not sure if they still make them, though. they were nice and grey, too.

  8. Hollie

    I’ve found plain navy and grey cotton bras at American Eagle Outfitters.

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