This post is mostly for my mum, who was worried that I would “waste away” with all these new food restrictions. Which is frankly hilarious, because as long as I have a more-or-less functioning digestive system, I will be nose-deep in everything tasty I can find – and that is still many things. So here are my daily foods.

1. Avocados all the time. Sweet bacon from trees.

2. Without food allergies, I never would have found out that smoked tofu is, oh my god guys, SO DELICOUS.

3. In order to balance things out, I pretty much drown everything in either olive oil or coconut oil. King Tasty highly recommends it.

4. No changes here – my veins still run with the finest dark, bittersweet. I could eat Cathy under the table, that arm-flailing, noseless weirdo.

5. Dates. Nature’s Mars Bar.

6. I always like to have, oh, somewhere in the range of five or six multi-packs of pudding in my fridge. It’s just one of those soothing, obsessive things, for me. So there was some distress and consternation when I learned that my usual puddings would no longer cut it. Fortunately I found these decent soy replacements, which, after a few weeks, are starting to taste pretty normal (that may or may not bode well).

7. Breakfast has been an issue. But I got over my dislike of interacting with my kitchen, and started making my own granola. Because if you can’t get something done right, etc. etc. Also, I mix that up with this strange cereal my sister made me get, which is pretty much just a few nutritionally fashionable seeds, and it’s hard to even figure out what to do with it. But it’s called “Dragon’s Blend”, so it had me at hello.

8. Rice. Well, it’s not too fascinating as a list item, is it? But if you throw numbers one, two, and three on top of that fucker, it will taste pretty good.

9. I have to put peanut butter on here, because I’ve gone through three jars of it in as many weeks. Never having cared about it much in the past, suddenly I want to eat it all the time, in every possible embodiment.

And proof of tasty:


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31 responses to “Foods

  1. Kiel West

    This is how I like food. Elemental.

  2. Kiel West

    I am curious to what your food restrictions are. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease myself. I also have a “this will not stop me” attitude about it.

    • Marian

      I got into them in a bit more detail a couple posts back, but in short: gluten, dairy, eggs, red meat, almonds. But I should be clear, these aren’t the kind of allergies that threaten my life in any way, but rather food intolerances that were just making me weak and fatigued and miserable all last year. And I can probably reincorporate most of these over time, eventually.
      I actually considered celiacs too, because I have a cousin who has it (and her family before her). I really should have gotten tested, just in case. I know that’s a rough one.
      If you’re ever in Vancouver, there are amazing gluten-free bakeries here.

  3. Any time I’m in one of those moods of “what should I draw? Gee, I don’t know…” I just look to you and see how easy it is to find inspiration.

    • Marian

      Thanks! I also have to remind myself that “what should I draw?” can be as easy as “what do I like?”.

  4. I’m looking at the bread slices and I’m seeing… Totoro?

  5. Andrew Janke

    Tasty. I love the texture of that table all the dishes are sitting on.

    • Marian

      Ahh, thanks, that’s a giant tool chest made by either my grandfather or great-grandfather, I can’t remember which.

  6. Sister

    I need to introduce you to the glorious food that is Quinoa. Replace your rice with somthing just as tasty and for more nutricious.

    • Marian

      Ok sister, you can make me get some when we hang out tomorrow.

      • Sachiko

        I have been making muffins and cookies with sprouted, cooked quinoa and oats. Heavy on the chocochips. Heavy on the hchom.

        • Marian

          Everything you make is so gravid with hchom, it takes all my burliness to even lift it to my face.

          What’s this sprouting? Is that where you soak it first?

          • Sachiko

            Yes. Or maybe they’re not really sprouted but just soaked. I’m not sure. I soak most grains to make them more digestible and so they cook quick-like. People on the Internet are fairly smug about it.

  7. Cody B

    Oh my gosh.

    • Marian

      Cody, I really liked those drilled-into sculptures you emailed me a while back (lost in the elephant graveyard that is my inbox). I was so happy to see them, because the whole time I was working on Beast I was worried that any sculptors who read it would LAUGH WITH SCORN. I’m thrilled those sorts of shapes are really possible.

  8. Leia

    Oh goodness, all of those dishes look absolutely delicious, I could just swoon! One of these days we’re going to need an hchom recipe book.

    • Marian

      Thanks! I’m glad to have a vote for this – I’m often tempted to post my inept recipes (if they can be called that), but I figure there wouldn’t be much interest.

      • Leia

        Oh no! I’d love to see your recipes! I’m sure others will too! Just looking at the above photos makes my mouth water . . . mmmmmhm, all that avocado . . . I’m certainly voting for your foodies, along with more art!

      • I would also love it if you posted recipes! Your lunches look super good!!

  9. i’m on a similar food-eating journey. its rough! but you’re right — there’s so much tasty, that its really not the end of the world. or at least i’m telling myself that. ;>

    • Marian

      It’s not as hard as I would have thought. Except when people are eating delicious pizza. I would sacrifice a litter of baby kittens for pizza.

  10. Have you seen this?
    It reminds me of your illustrated inventories. Fun stuff!

  11. Kiu

    Oh wow, the way you drew that pudding is just perfect! That little air pocket! And those dishes look delicious. I just ate and I’m hungry again…

  12. nice blog

    you welcome to me blog

  13. I know!! I want totoro bread!!!

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