Recommendations #2: Fortnight


For my second recommendation, I offer the Canadian company Fortnight.


Historically, I’ve had a hell of a time finding decent, well-fitting bras in my size. I wear a 30 in the band, which isn’t so far from the regular range that I can’t find anything – many people are much worse off, in this respect – but what I can find are mostly push-up bras, all padded and buttressed, and NASA-engineered for optimal lift. As much as I appreciate the impressive effect these have on other people, they are really not my thing.

I have another reason for being particular about what I wear on my chest. As a confused, gender-dysphoric teenager, I couldn’t join my friends in their love of buying underwear. They were happy to make use of a new, grown-up lady shape (though no doubt with plenty of their own confusions), but I wasn’t, and all I could do was try to hide my own discomfort, and hope that nobody gave me a hard time. My usual tactic was to just grab the first bra off the rack: anything that almost, more-or-less fit. Then I would wear it until it was falling off of me in tatters (and then maybe a little longer than that) before I replaced it. As if I could eradicate that part of myself with sheer neglect.

I won’t wade too deep into this subject (though maybe I should someday write a post along the lines of “why I draw myself as an androgynous goblin”). But it’s worth saying that a lot of the hard work of self-acceptance involves maintaining a truce with your discomfort, and agreeing to take good care of the features you would rather willfully ignore, even if you can’t take the extra step of liking them. Dressing your body well, on your own terms, is a powerful, powerful act, even if nobody else can see what you’re wearing.

So, pretending I didn’t wander away from the original topic: for anyone interested, Fortnight’s bras have no moulded cups and no wires, and still they’re surprisingly sturdy when worn. I can’t speak for how well they’d work for people who need more support, but I’ve had a couple of them in heavy rotation for well over a year now, and they still look good, and haven’t warped or stretched at all. I’ll add, for general reference, they seem to fit a little small in the cup size.


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15 responses to “Recommendations #2: Fortnight

  1. Snippety Giblets

    Being somewhat gender dysphoric myself I would love to read the androgynous goblin post some day. As for bras I bulk buy Sloggi crop tops on line to avoid the humiliation of the lingerie department and wear them until there’s more hole than cloth lol

    • Marian

      I like this tactic. I guess my equivalent is ratty old sports bras, which I wear on days when the alternative feels too “lady” for my current mood.

  2. I like that bit about self-acceptance. I’ve almost forgotten/repressed having any problems in that department by now, but you seem to accurately describe the mental gymnastics going on in little me’s head when I decided to counter the other boys pissing on my books by acting even nerdier and gayer.

    I, also, would be interested to read the androgynous goblin story.

  3. Concurring with Snippety Giblets, would love to read about the spirit behind Goblin!Marian someday. This type of bra you like is how a lot of bras used to look in the 40s and 50s, and it’s the only kind I wear. I love the long band and no-nonsense fabric cups, and I find they support me way better than any modern bra ever has—even better than a sports bra. (Even Fortnight’s cups could learn a thing or two, from the looks of them) I love them enough that I modeled them and talked a bit about how I found them here: and

    So yeah, if you’re ever in NYC and want to feel the original deal, highly recommend Illisa’s.

    • Marian

      Those are gorgeous, and you look fantastic in them. I’ve always stayed away from vintage styles because the conical shape never feels right on me (sort of emphasizes what I aim to de-emphasize) but I find them amazing to look at.

  4. Mir

    I’m kind of mired in the confused teenager stage myself. Thanks for writing a bit about it. It helps.

  5. Awesome! I hate how hard it is to find anything without a bunch of lace or frills or bows or padding. Also yes please post goblin story.

  6. As soon as winter rolls around I switch over to undershirts/tanktops and layers and forget the whole thing all together since nothings gonna show anyways xc
    My current one is starting to come apart and I’m dreading the fact that I’m going to have to find myself a new one. But blessed winter is here for now, so I’ll just forget about it all for a while!
    I’ve passed the teen phase and still have never found a comfortable bra. They always feel like they’re trying to give me a claustrophobic fit, mind you sometimes shoes’ll do that too, but there you have it.
    Haha, talking about this makes me think about things and ramble though, goodness. These ones do look lovely.

    This is my first post on your blog though, so allow me to say that your art is so charming and lovely and I love it, and thank you for sharing your art and thoughts and RECHCHOMMENDATIONS cx

  7. “Dressing your body well, on your own terms, is a powerful, powerful act, even if nobody else can see what you’re wearing.”
    How true! And how well put. I would love to read the androgynous goblin post, btw ^_^

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