Rice Bowl


If you’re reading this, then you’re almost certainly a more competent cook than I am and you don’t need to see what I’m eating for dinner. On the other hand, 25 year old Marian, who lived off of pastries and buttered bread and occasional take-out, could have honestly used a few basic, non-threatening ideas, so I’m going to go ahead and post this for her sake.

Here’s what I eat during winter months, when I want a break from my standard dinner of roast veg plus egg/fish/insert protein. It’s simple stuff, but I have some smoked salt that doubles the excellence of the avocado; and for the egg – which is medium boiled here, but also works well fried – I go with a spicy salt. I put the cheese (any strong, hard cheese) on top for the photos, but really it wants to be smooshed into the rice so it melts a bit. Obviously, this is as basic as it gets, and you can switch out all sorts of toppings. Chicken (the more salty fatty skin, the better) goes really well. Bacon can’t hurt. Yams, chickpeas, etc. etc. I wilt the spinach for about two minutes at the very end, while the rice is still warm in the rice cooker (or the pot).




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12 responses to “Rice Bowl

  1. Shanna

    Food is pretty great, I love lazy noms, and buying a rice cooker was the best thing I’ve done to promote this behavior. My fave combo right now is avocado, soft boiled eggs, and cherry tomatoes with soy sauce in the rice and japanese mayo on top. I use ramen bowls for pretty much all food matter at this point in my life and have even poorly attempted to make a few in pottery class.

    And smoked salt! I just started using this not too long ago and bought some for the kitchen at work. I’ll have it on a quick salad of beets, avocado, and chickpeas with olive oil and chevre on hand.

    • Marian

      Your cherry tomato combo sounds a lot like I thing I make in the summer (when cherry tomatoes are all easy to find), except I’ve never thought to add avocado, or soy sauce and japanese mayo, so I’ll try that next time I do it.

      I love my rice cooker so much – and it sings me little songs, which none of my other appliances have ever done.

      • Shanna

        Yes the little songs! Mine plays twinkle twinkle little star and some obscure song when it’s finished. I just wish I could find a way to get it to play the theme song to Jurassic Park to me haha.

  2. This is great. One of my favorite quick dishes is some rice with baked avocado and whatever leftover veggies I have in the fridge. Throw it all in a bowl it’s a great dish.

  3. I’m not a fan of avocado, but aside from that, this looks fantastic. Especially with those lovely runny-yolked medium-boiled eggs. I imagine that tastes great and has a nice texture with the rice and the cheese.

  4. Like how some of the Chinese prepare their food. We got Chowking here in the Philippines. The “Chowfan” . I think this is better prepared at home. More ingredients can be mixed. Exciting to cook and eat right after. 👌🏼❤️ cool image I wanna learn how to scrib that way too .

    • Marian

      Any kind of fried rice is up there as one of my favourite things to eat – I wish I could cook it myself!

  5. Amy

    Just looking at the photos makes me feel warm and cozy, and love the bowls! I’m very much appreciative of the simple non-threatening recipes too.

    • Marian

      Thanks! Yeah, as soon as I see anything with multiple stages of preparation, I know I’m already out of my depth(/interest).

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