This was initially going to be a post about wanting Red Wing boots. They’re not the most outrageous want (as these things go), but I don’t need them in any version of my present life. The purpose of owning them would be to feel as if I needed them; to feel as if I was the forest-dwelling, wood-chopping Marian of all my future hopes and dreams (who has also, apparently, raided the entire Filson store).



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7 responses to “Forester

    • Marian

      Oh yes! I was trying to channel something like: “male model squints into the upper distance and contemplates his salty ruggedness”.

  1. Wow I would trust that person to guide me through the darkest of woods >:O

    • Marian

      Fictional future Marian is some kind of wilderness survival specialist, obviously, so your trust is well placed! Current Marian maybe less so.

  2. kim

    i’m imagining the world as a cat, and it’s stuck in a tree, and your glance is saying, “yet, again.”

    as master ranger,marian, knowledge of where the winds blow means you only have to wear your jacket on the breezy side.

  3. Jan

    Come now, true woodchoppers wear White’s, or Nick’s. Red Wings are for hipster posers. ;P
    (if you do google those brands, don’t even look at the price)

  4. Well-made boots = less crying.

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