I’m going away to Bowen Island for a few weeks, to catsit for my cousins. By now, as of mid-April, I’m nearly dead from lack of exposure to the outdoors (the weather has been shit), and I’m extremely eager to fix that. Give me all your forests! Give me all your cat!

Edit: I’ve compiled some of the island posts below, so as not to clutter up the stream with filler content.

I should be able to manage regular posting (except for next Monday – I think I’ll use the long weekend as an excuse to take that off), but when I get back, I might return to the more occasional non-schedule. Or I might consider trying some sort of optional patreon thing, in order to warrant the time away from other work. I’m not sure! I’ll mull it over some more.


Here’s the cat I’m taking care of. She likes to wedge herself behind the couch cushions, strike an upside-down Egon Schiele pose, and take a nap.


This series of photos is for my sister, who demanded that we cut down a huge swath of invasive bamboo that’s taking over a stream bed near my parents’ house. Yesterday I helped my dad burn it! Honestly, who doesn’t love burning stuff? It’s so satisfying, watching all that matter being eaten up to nothing.


Here are some swampy photos of the lake I walk around every day while I’m up here (plus an old oil thing that seemed to match them).


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15 responses to “Catsitting

  1. shaggykorean

    Patreon please, cause Marian you and your art are definitely my Patronus! Have a good cat holiday!!

  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful – I’m quite jealous! I suppose I shouldn’t complain since we don’t have snow, but the weather here has been almost non-stop grey skies. I’d kill for some more sunlight and blue skies, and a hike in a forest that isn’t wet and muddy. Enjoy your holiday!

    • Marian

      All my hikes so far have been muddy (I could do without that part, too), but I’m one of those weirdos who likes grey skies, and prefers sunshine in smallish doses, so my enjoyment isn’t much affected.

  3. yesthatmkreed

    Would Patreonize for sketches, dooooo itttttt!

  4. Yes please patreon! Enjoy your cat forest!

  5. Jossette

    Ooooooh patreon… I would be down for that. There is a limit to how many copies of each of your comics I can justify purchasing.

  6. Have fun in the trees! What kind of cat? Bobcat?

  7. hey! that’s amazing :D have a wonderful time in the trees!

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