I know I said I’d stick to my posting schedule while I was away, but it turns out I’m actually pretty swamped with work, therefore you’ll mostly continue to get pictures of cats and wilderness.

This series of photos is for my sister, who demanded that we cut down a huge swath of invasive bamboo that’s taking over a stream bed near my parents’ house. Yesterday I helped my dad burn it! Honestly, who doesn’t love burning stuff? It’s so satisfying, watching all that matter being eaten up to nothing.


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4 responses to “Fire

  1. Sistarrrrr

    I wish I could have been there! Burn it! BURN IT ALLLLLLL

    • Marian

      I wish the photos did it justice. I should have sat down beside the fire, to show that most of those rods were at least double my height or more.

  2. That bamboo is going to be back before you know it unfortunately. Allthough.. you can cut it down an burn it all again!

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