I know I’ve mentioned it a hundred times, but I want a suit – a perfectly tailored suit, or close enough. It doesn’t matter that I have nowhere to wear it, reasonably speaking, because I’d put that sucker on to buy groceries.



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3 responses to “Suit

  1. As much as I enjoy dressing casually, I do always feel a twinge of envy when I see someone out and about in a sharp-looking suit. Especially if it’s more idiosyncratic than a typical “office worker” suit, with a waistcoat or something to give it character. Seeing someone in a suit at the grocery store would just make me think, “There’s someone who’s got their act together.”

  2. get one asap. suits on ladies are really cool and sharp

  3. I don’t think many tailors these days would make you a suit like this. Looks more like something from an EG catalogue. Japan seems to be into this looser hobo look, so maybe make a trip of it? ;P

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