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Skyrim Art


I’m working on a big paperwork-heavy thing right now, which means that my attention is wandering towards all the various fantasy games I’m not allowed to play. And somehow, despite the (literally) thousands of hours I’ve already sunk into it, I still find myself itching for Skyrim. Oh, Skyrim! Sweet, unmelting dopamine popsicle! I’ll never be able to quit you.

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I’m still in a scribbly mood, so have this (cleaning the leftover paint off the palette) rerun from a couple years ago.


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I know I’m supposed to resume proper posting today, but that seems really hard and not at all like being in space, so here’s a 100% photo accurate portrait of me at this very moment, probably (forshortening costs precious seconds).


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Hair, Again

Does this count as work, as far as striking goes? I have no idea, but I’ll play it safe with another rerun: this is from about two years ago, and I’m now in the same predicament (minus the rat tail, which was handy despite looking horrible, because at least it gave me something to tie back). History has taught me nothing.


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She Wolf Variant Cover


Image is doing a variant cover event in March, in support of Planned Parenthood – so this is my contribution: the variant cover for She Wolf #7.

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Ged and Vetch


I had a work-heavy weekend, so, in lieu of a proper post, here’s an old drawing of Ged and Vetch (from Ursula Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea).


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Dragon Age Art


It feels like the right time to dredge up some more art from the old tumblr account, which, as you might recall, mainly functioned as my Dragon Age fanart gallery.

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I’m in one of my deadline months – have you noticed my tendency to extend deadlines and birthdays into “months”, I guess, for a synthetic increase in drama and importance? Ridiculous. Anyway, yes, I’m all swamped with deadlines, so I figured I’d dig through my old sunken tumblr, and re-post some of its content.

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Island Cover


This is the cover for the next Island issue: a more polished version of an old Hchom drawing (itself, a re-draw of an older version… probably safe to say that the “cut away home base” is one of my fixtures.)

In fact, let me see if I can round up all the previous iterations, and collect them below the cut…

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Dragon Age Templates


These Dragon Age character templates are old news, but I was really thrilled to see a bunch of people using them. And since the original source is gone, I wanted to re-link them for those arriving late to the DA world – or for anyone who may feel an overpowering need to rate their character’s personality according to my wondrous When Dealing With Stuff ™ System.

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Hchom Sale: The Daggers of Öσ



I’ve been wanting to do this Hchom sale for a long, long time, but it was difficult to plan, reliant on several weeks’ access to the appropriate power tools and sawdust-friendly work space. This year I’ve finally made it happen: carved wooden daggers with the full fantasy trappings. In my attendant fiction, these daggers were forged by the Immortal Goblin Smith Öσ (I’m pronouncing it “Od”, but do as you will) who sold his sight in exchange for mastery of his craft. They were presented as gifts to five kings who were cursed to wield no metal as punishment for their endless warring. (Unfortunately I’m not actually a master smith, but maybe we can all pretend together).

I’ve made a temporary page with all the details – you can click here (or on the new icon to the right) to visit it.

As well as the big dagger packs, I’ve put together some illustration packs in the $50-70 range. Since I was already making block prints to include in the dagger booklets, I re-printed a couple copies of an old sleeping mouse linoblock, and you can find those in the options as well. As always, everyone gets a sketch with their package – just let me know what you’d like to see. Email me ( to purchase packs, or ask questions.

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Curiosity Objects


This illustration (the original line art, at any rate) is up right now at the Gallery 33 in Amsterdam, as part of their Cabinet show. The show runs until the 20th of June, so if you’re the sort of fortunate human being who lives in or around Amsterdam, then you should go have a look.

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Fan Art

This goblin is supposed to be decked out in, I guess, some kind of Ursula/Shepard-gentleman cosplay? It made sense in my head.

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I can’t make a proper post happen this week, but I want to point out that I did some illustrations for Inventory Magazine. I’m particularly pleased about this one, partly because it’s a local production, but also because the contents are so perfectly Hchommish. So get a hold of a copy if you can.


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