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Here are some very, very rough sketches of my Ryder’s face, from over the past several weeks. I don’t want to settle on anything too specific before I’ve seen what I can wrangle out of the character creator, but there are a few features I’m hoping I can make work.

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Space Larder

OK, let me first say that fantasy food is so much easier than space food. All you have to do is get some rustic bread, and some cheese, and a nice blotchy apple, and there you are: fit for adventure. So the space larder is a little muddled, by comparison.

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Space Week

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out in seven days, and that means you have to hear all about it. Or hear all about my excitement, at any rate, because I’m fairly unspoiled, and maybe if I pour all my time into designing a character and planning a Space Larder, I’ll resist the mounting temptation to click on various spoiler-ridden videos.

I feel like I should add a little more here – maybe explain what I’m talking about for those of you who don’t play videogames – but I’m working on a brutal combination of insomnia and daylight savings (I needed that hour!), so I’ll wait until I’m coherent. Space, though, right? Everyone likes space.


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Dragon Age Art


It feels like the right time to dredge up some more art from the old tumblr account, which, as you might recall, mainly functioned as my Dragon Age fanart gallery.

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Stardew Valley


I picked up Stardew Valley a few days ago, and the ACME anvil of obsession has come down upon my head. All I want to do is plant crops, and mine ore in the (so far) bottomless dungeon, and save up for my future orchard. I’ve barely even started befriending the villagers, because listen, I’m a god damn farmer/geologist and I don’t have time to chat with people, or learn why the Fabio-looking guy practically spat in my face when I tried to give him a perfectly innocuous quartz crystal; but mark my words, someday he will love me, and so will everyone else.

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So my sister – generous and superior creature – is hosting a D&D game for me to DM. Or attempt to DM, maybe I should say, because it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Even after four sessions I still kind of suck at it, though I suspect I’d have sucked less from the get go if I’d had more experience as a player (maybe it’s not too late. Do you run a D&D game in Vancouver? Do you need another member?).

I wanted to draw our group’s characters – they’re SO GOOD – but I’m shy of publishing any features that I haven’t confirmed. So I’ll get to that at some point in the future, and in the meantime here’s my Icewind Dale party (I just picked up the Enhanced Edition).



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Dragon Age Templates


These Dragon Age character templates are old news, but I was really thrilled to see a bunch of people using them. And since the original source is gone, I wanted to re-link them for those arriving late to the DA world – or for anyone who may feel an overpowering need to rate their character’s personality according to my wondrous When Dealing With Stuff ™ System.

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Dragon Age Week 02


Since Dragon Age is half set in a Frenchish fictional country (called Orlais), I feel compelled to make French snacks and pastries my loose theme. There are worse compulsions to be faced with, I’m sure.

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Dragon Age Week 01


You guys might remember my “Skryim Week” from three Novembers ago. Dragon Age Inquisition is another such giant fantasy game, due out very soon. I’ve been looking forward to it for years, and I fully intend to sacrifice a giant portion of my life to it, so now I must gird my loins and stock my larders.

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Fan Art

This goblin is supposed to be decked out in, I guess, some kind of Ursula/Shepard-gentleman cosplay? It made sense in my head.

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My Skryim hype, boundless though it may be, lingers particularly on certain features of the game. So to please myself, and because it’s International Skyrim Week, I’m going to list them.

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There’s something about a robust videogame character creation system that unhinges 13-year-old Marian from my brain and sets her flailing for control. Though really my tastes at 13 were pretty dismally similar to what they are at present (at least secretly, underneath my careful shellac of coolness. What, you haven’t noticed my careful shellac of coolness?) Anyway, here is a sheet for the character I’d like to make, more or less, depending on what I’m working with. I even gave her a birthday, because you know my feelings about birthdays.

Also, note my implementation of the proprietary “When Dealing With Stuff” system (I came up with the name all by myself). The standard alignments never quite do it for me, so this is my version, with less emphasis on good and evil, and more emphasis on, uh, dealing with stuff.

And some more translation, for anybody who doesn’t care about Skyrim, but is nonetheless good-naturedly reading through these posts: “Bosmer”, for comparison, are sort of like the Wood Elves of Tolkien. And “Evening Star” is the Elder Scrolls iteration of December. Oh, and “Argonians” are lizard guys. They look like this and I LOVE THEM.

Finally, for anybody who (like me) doesn’t care at all about their public image (or their shellac), and wants to fill out a totally unironic Skyrim character sheet, here is a blank version.


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Skyrim comes out in six days, and it’s all that I can think about – so much so, that I thought I’d better declare SKYRIM WEEK and have done. Why fight a losing battle?

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Skyrim is a videogame which sets you loose in an enormous and exactingly detailed fantasy world, within which you can do very nearly anything (here is the trailer). It’s the fifth game in a long-spanning series, and its predecessors were largely what I had in mind when I was writing my posts about The Crossing.

Guys, I’ve been waiting for this game a long time.

So for my first SKYRIM WEEK post I’m planning my larder – both imaginary and realistic. On the 10th of November, to kill time and suppress anxiety before the midnight launch, I mean to make a serious larder pilgrimage, and collect enough tasty things to allay starvation while I play the game for roughly a week straight uninterrupted.


The ideal larder would be, you know, ideal. Even though I couldn’t actually consume all of that food before it went bad. But the realistic variation is nothing to damn well sneeze at. A comic artist’s budget means a nearly meatless existence (at least for me), but I have this $20 gift certificate to Oyama Sausage – a gift from my BFF – which I’ve been saving for a rainy Skyrim. I’ve been thinking about those roast beef sandwiches for weeks.

Tomorrow night I’ll dive further yet into murky nerddom, and post a (speculative) character sheet. Just you wait.


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Fantasy Item Pack

I wasn’t planning on putting this up, but my other posts are all in a state of half-completion, so why not.

I drew these a little while ago, after playing through Dragon Age 2 a second time. I wanted to make my own version of an armour item pack, more reminiscent of the classic RPGs from my childhood which I now regard with all the unreasonable nostalgia that nearly two decades can create. Kids these days, and their new-fangled pointy-pauldroned gratuitously buckled armour! They just don’t know how it was back then, trudging uphill both ways through 8-bit pixel forests. Have some respect for your elders!

Anyway. Item pack and stuff. You might recognize the quilted armour on yonder rogue, because I draw it at every opportunity. I’ve also been playing mage-type characters lately, and with particular enjoyment in this game, except that I keep coming up against the fancy dressy lady mage issue (to be fair, this is probably only an issue for me). Can’t we have some nice, gender-neutral robes? For some reason I don’t often play warriors. I also never seem to make blonde characters, so I combined the two in this version.

Normally I’d save this level of geekery for my private affairs, but I can’t help but obsess.


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