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Hair, Again

Does this count as work, as far as striking goes? I have no idea, but I’ll play it safe with another rerun: this is from about two years ago, and I’m now in the same predicament (minus the rat tail, which was handy despite looking horrible, because at least it gave me something to tie back). History has taught me nothing.


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I dress like I have something to prove. Which, of course, I do.

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I’m incapable of feeling satisfied with my hair. If it’s long, then I fret over how it looks and I can’t wait to cut it short, and if it’s short, I know that everything would be perfect and I’d magically wake up a superior person if only it would grow twelve inches overnight. As a result, I spend most of my time in a purgatory of awkward middle-growth; occasionally – so briefly! – reaching the desired length only to hack it all off again, like I’m harvesting a ripe crop.

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changeling03_a changeling03_b

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So my sister – generous and superior creature – is hosting a D&D game for me to DM. Or attempt to DM, maybe I should say, because it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Even after four sessions I still kind of suck at it, though I suspect I’d have sucked less from the get go if I’d had more experience as a player (maybe it’s not too late. Do you run a D&D game in Vancouver? Do you need another member?).

I wanted to draw our group’s characters – they’re SO GOOD – but I’m shy of publishing any features that I haven’t confirmed. So I’ll get to that at some point in the future, and in the meantime here’s my Icewind Dale party (I just picked up the Enhanced Edition).



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Hchom Sale: The Daggers of Öσ



I’ve been wanting to do this Hchom sale for a long, long time, but it was difficult to plan, reliant on several weeks’ access to the appropriate power tools and sawdust-friendly work space. This year I’ve finally made it happen: carved wooden daggers with the full fantasy trappings. In my attendant fiction, these daggers were forged by the Immortal Goblin Smith Öσ (I’m pronouncing it “Od”, but do as you will) who sold his sight in exchange for mastery of his craft. They were presented as gifts to five kings who were cursed to wield no metal as punishment for their endless warring. (Unfortunately I’m not actually a master smith, but maybe we can all pretend together).

I’ve made a temporary page with all the details – you can click here (or on the new icon to the right) to visit it.

As well as the big dagger packs, I’ve put together some illustration packs in the $50-70 range. Since I was already making block prints to include in the dagger booklets, I re-printed a couple copies of an old sleeping mouse linoblock, and you can find those in the options as well. As always, everyone gets a sketch with their package – just let me know what you’d like to see. Email me ( to purchase packs, or ask questions.

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Adventure Season 2


I’ve reached that point midway through summer where all I can do is flop about from one petulant heap to another and whine (whiiiiine!) about how the never ending sunshine is melting my flesh and my eyes. Go die in a fire yourself, giant death orb! I can’t openly complain about it as much as I’d like, or my friends and family (and the fair folk of Middle Earth) will start to shun me, so I’m trying to find distractions that will pull me through until September. Yesterday I unlaced and cleaned my leather shoes and boots – regardless of whether they needed it or not (what most of them need are new soles). Then I systematically tried on and admired my wool jackets and my overcoat. Today I’m doing this Fall adventures post.

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My dear old Moss died last week. What a fine, weird creature he was. I’m happy that he made it all the way through his life, to be a tottery old man who snarled at puppies and stole butter from tabletops.


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Recommendations #2: Fortnight


For my second recommendation, I offer the Canadian company Fortnight.

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I’ve been doing an odd thing, over the last year or two; I’ve started to create mage characters in videogames, and not just as an afterthought on some bored fourth play-through, but for actual preference. This might sound like an “odd thing” only in the sense of “why the hell is this worth mentioning”, but if you are like me, and prefer to express your complex personhood via well-ruled-out fantasy conventions, then you will understand that a change of class is like a change of identity.

Since I must compact things into nice, tidy theories, I have noticed that this class-switching happens roughly once a decade. When I was a teenager, I invariably went for the warrior-type. In my twenties, it was always a thief. I’m embarrassed to say that during these eras, I viewed mages as the default girl-class, as if that was a terrible, shameful thing to be avoided at all costs. So now my sudden interest feels almost subversive. Like, ooh, a mage, can I get away with it? Will nobody stop this brazen act of rebellion? Will I be able to find robes that don’t look like a prom dress?

Maybe my theory will hold another decade, and it will all come full circle. I like to imagine myself at 40, going a little overboard with the shield-bash. Or maybe at that point, we transcend the basic classes, and get into rangers and paladins and other shady stuff. We’ll see. In the meantime, here are some character class-exemplifying goblins. I’m not sure why a thief would have a falcon – I just wanted to draw one.


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Grey Dogs


I know it’s supposed to be “black dogs”, for depression, but grey dogs match all my clothes.

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Adventure Season

I’ve been waiting for autumn to begin, as usual, since early July. This year I tried to embrace the full summerness of things, but I couldn’t really manage it. Autumn is when the adventures begin – when the shinies, deep in their caverns, are waiting to be pried loose and carried home.

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