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Shiny Collection


Now I need to post a shiny that was actually brought back from the field. My friend Sachi found this in Iceland, and as far as I understand it she took herself right to a glacier bed and systematically cracked open every rock until one of them yielded treasure. The most amazing thing, though, is that she gave it to me! Because (unlike some of us, I’m not naming names) she’s a superior human being, capable of parting with her finest shiny for the sake of friendship.


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Shiny Collection


I’ve had a lot of requests, over the years, to list all my shinies. The only problem is, I’m a monster, and my shiny collection has spread so far beyond my control that I’m not even sure where it ends and I begin. So to save us from these grave existential questions, I’m going to try something more modest, and regularly highlight some of the best ones, starting with this giant wodge of smoky quartz.

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Lady Hoard


I have a story that I like to tell myself, about how I’m going to be this woodsy, butch old hermit living with a vast hoard of treasure. And a sub section of that hoard (I think I mentioned it back in another post) will include spangled gowns, and elaborate, largely unwearable jewellery, and all the shiny lady things that you (by which I mean I) would never expect me to care about.

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Curiosity Objects


This illustration (the original line art, at any rate) is up right now at the Gallery 33 in Amsterdam, as part of their Cabinet show. The show runs until the 20th of June, so if you’re the sort of fortunate human being who lives in or around Amsterdam, then you should go have a look.

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Vancouver Update




I’ve updated the Vancouver page with more places, and added categories to keep it from becoming too dense (of course “shinies and chocolate” makes perfect sense as a single category – don’t you dare question it). A few last additions are yet to come, but we’re getting there. I might need a “Bread” subsection before I’m through.


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Consolation shinies

I’ve gotten bad at this, haven’t I? I’m trying to get in the habit of bringing my camera around, but my photogenic freewheeling pastry lifestyle isn’t what it used to be. So while I figure my shit out, here are a couple of interviews for you. I’m extra pleased about these, because last winter I bombed, like, five interviews, and I was expecting nobody would ask me for one ever again.

The second one isn’t about comics, but rather modding. I haven’t talked much about modding, here, but it’s like my secret obsessive other job.

Sequential Highway


Plus, check out those new shinies. That is rough black opal, on the left – most pleasing purchase of my life (all jackets notwithstanding).


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